Diet in Gout, why to be so strict…?


Times went by when we tried ‘to torture the patient with gout ‘ with excessive diet restrictions, in which almost anything was prohibited to eat. Two factors have changed our way of thinking:
1) With current medications, it is possible to reduce the levels of uric acid to normal levels (below 6 or better 5 mg/dl if it is a tophaceous gout)
2) Because a strict diet in purines (those which produce uric acid) only is capable of reducing the blood levels of uric acid in 10 %.


Nevertheless there exist a few guidelines that every patient with gout must know to avoid acute gout attacks:

1) To correct obesity or overweight
2) Work out 2 or times per week
3) Control blood pressure
4) To restrict to the maximum shellfish, seafood and red meat
5) restrict beer and spirits with high level of alcohol
6) Patients with gout should bear in mind that one of their major enemies are celebrations. A great feast with food and alcohol in abundance can trigger an acute attack of gout
7) On the other hand, and here are the good news, the patient with gout can drink wine moderately since it does not increase the levels of uric acid.


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